July 29th 2024 ONLINE Beekeeping Elective – 7 pm EST.  

Date and Time:

July 29, 2024 7:00 pm EDT - 8:30 pm EDT

Beekeeping Classes Location:

Honey Top Bees, 1348 Pet Sites Rd, Chapin, SC, 29036, USA

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About The Beekeeping Classes

July 29th – Monday Night – Online Beekeeping Elective Class

Late Summer / Fall Management

7 pm EST.  –   $20 per household

We will email you a Google Meet link to the class on the day of the event.   Late summer is a crucial time as your hive is preparing bees to over winter.  We will review essential practices as we look at late summer and fall.

This is an elective class open to all, but new beekeepers should also take the core 101 and 102 courses.

Topics I will cover

  • Dealing with Summer Heat
  • What happens with mites in the summer.
  • Brood Break?
  • Last chance to requeen.
  • Preparing your hives for fall
  • Importance of feeding
  • What is bearing and is it ok?
  • Harvest Honey or leave it for the bees?  How much do the bees need to make it through winter?
  • Is there a fall nectar flow in SC?
  • …. and more
  • And I will take your questions!

Members of our Mentoring Club can attend free, please email me for the link if you have joined the club.

Beekeeping Classes Location: