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How to get started in beekeeping

How to get started in beekeeping

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I often get contacted by people ready to get started in the fun and exciting world of beekeeping!     I thought I would create a basic checklist that I can refer people to in order to get started. 

Essentials to getting started

  1. Education.   I strongly suggest that you invest in your education before you jump in.  I think it is mistake to just buy a hive and colony of bees without a foundation.   

    I offer a section of free resources, I teach live classes during the year, and offer video based classes as well.  If you have not learned about mites, feeding etc, it will be hard to be successful as a new beekeeper.  Bees cost too much to start behind the 8 ball. 

  2.  Hive.   The hive is wood boxes and frame etcs.    We sell hive kits, and they are available from any local bee supply or online. 

  3. Bees The bees are called a colony and come in 2 ways:  a package and a nuc.  See this article on getting bees. 

  4. Tools and protective gear

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