How to Pick up Your Order

We are a small local honey farm - pick up only

Step 1

Place Your Order Online

We process all orders via our website.  We do not offer shipping at this time.    All orders are picked up at our location.   

Optional Feature:   When you are checking out online,  you may select a pickup day and time when you want to get your order   See the image to the right.  

If you forget to pick a time, no worries text or email us when you want to pick up your order. 

Select your pickup time at checkout
Ready for Pickup!

Step 2

Look for your "Ready to Pickup" email

Once we get your order, we will get it ready for you to pick up.    Then we will send you an email that it is ready for pickup.  

We will set your order out for pickup in front of the shop on the left side of the driveway with your name on it.   You can just come by and get it. 

NOTE:  This process applies to honey orders and supplies.   It does not apply to bees.  If you ordering bees, they are usually ready on a particular day.  See the bee product pages for information. 

Coming Soon... Self Serve Kiosk for Honey