Buying Bees : Packages, NUC's, Queens

We sell full complete hives and 5 Frame Nuc, Packages, & Mated Queens in spring and summer.   
Contact Ray with any questions before ordering.  The store is updated with availability.  

Popular Option

5 Frame Nucs

A Nuc, or nucleus is a starter hive.   The frames are usually moved to a larger 8 or 10-frame hive.   The nuc includes 5 frames, bees, and a mated queen.   If you bring your hive box to our farm, we will help you install the frames before you leave. 

Sold in the spring and early summer.    Local pickup in Chapin SC. 

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Popular Option

3lb Package of Bees + Queen

Sold out for 2024    2025 Sales will be open in Dec 2024 

Sold in the spring and early summer.

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Easy to get started option

Complete Hive with Bees

We offer a full hive setup – includes the hive and colony of about 15000 bees and a mated queen.   

It includes 5 frames of bees, a mated queen, a 8 frame waxed dipped deep, a medium, top and bottom boards.   Instead of buying your bees one place and your basic hive elsewhere, this option is turn key.  All you need is a bee suit, a few tools, and you are good to go. 

Limited quantities – contact us before ordering.  


  • Includes up to a colony of bees and a mated queen. 
  • All assembled 8 Frame Complete Bee Hive, Wax Coated Frames and Beeswax Coated Foundation Sheet 
  • Wax Coated Deep Brood Boxes with 8 Frames and Beeswax Coated Foundation Sheet
  • Wax Coated Medium Super Boxes with 8 Pine Frames with Beeswax Foundation Sheets
  • Wax Coated Solid Bottom Board and Telescoping Top Cover (Metal Capped),  Inner Cover, Plastic Queen Excluder (essential for Honey Production),  Entrance Reducer
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Lost your queen?

Mated Queens

We offer mated queens with 4-5 attendant bees in the spring.   If you need to requeen, if you lost your queen, or want to do a split this is what you need.  

Preorder now for 2024 – limited quantities.

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