Beekeeping Classes

Beekeeping Classes- Online or in Person

Looking for beekeeping classes?  We offer both online beekeeping classes and in-person classes during the year.   
See our bee class schedule and sign up today.     Read what our students said about our classes

Attend a Live Beekeeping Class – online or in person   

See the schedule  / register for the next live small group bee class, online or in person.   We announce classes in our newsletter during the year. 

Purchase a Recorded Video Class   

New! Instead of attending a live class, you can buy a recorded video of a class to watch when you wish.  NOTE:  If you paid for a live class, the access to the video version comes FREE.  Purchase

Ray's Beekeeping Class Overview

Each class is about 90 minutes long.  Taking both classes 101 and 102 is recommended before you start keeping bees
Class 203 can be taken after you have some experience under your belt.  

Class 101 Getting Started 

  • The Why of your beekeeping journey
  • Bee Keeping Lingo
  • Myths and Truths
  • Must Know Bee Biology / Lifecycle
  • Identifying Cells on a Frame
  • Costs of beekeeping
  • Time investment in beekeeping
  • How many hives do I start with?
  • Anatomy of a Hive 
  • Types of hives
  • Tools & Equipment needed to start 
  • Dealing with Stings

Class 102 Your First Hive   

  • Buying bees – packages vs nucs 
  • Setting up your hives
  • Frames: Waxing &  Drawing out foundation
  • How to Install packages and nucs
  • How to do Hive Inspections 
  • Feeding Your Bees
  • Summer and winter solstice 
  • Wax moths, hive beetles
  • Mite Testing 
  • Mite Treatment Methods

Class 201 Growing Your Apiary

  • How to Split Your Hives
  • 5 Frame vs 2 frame nucs
  • Dealing with Queen cells.
  • Avoiding swarms – Inducing swarms.
  • Demaree Method of swarm prevention
  • Catching swarms – Making Traps 
  • Record Keeping & Apps
  • Queens:  Finding, Marking 
  • Rearing Queens with and without grafting
  • Queen Castles and Mating.
  • Requeening, when and why

Bee Handling Class

  • Offered in person only
  • Demonstrations and Hands on learning
  • How to inspect a hive
  • How to light a smoker
  • How to find a queen
  • Demonstration on testing for mites. 
  • Reading a frame
  • Tools of the trade explained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, contact us and we will answer all your questions.   

Yes,  if you have a group that would like to learn about bees, we offer a 20% discount on groups of 6 or more. 

We accept cash, Venmo, checks, and cards.   Please register in advance

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