Buying Honey from Honey Top Bees

Local honey from Chapin SC

Our 750,000+ bees make some amazing local honey.

Local raw honey.   Strained but never filtered.  Never modified, there are no fillers.  Just pure golden goodness. 

Order online and pick up at our location.  Learn how pickup works. 

About Us

Local honey is the best honey

Our local honey is raw.   This means it is only strained, but not filtered or modified in any way.   It makes a tasty treat and a healthy and beneficial addition to any diet. That’s why we take great care to ensure that our honey is pure, free from additives and preservatives, and bursting with natural flavor.

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Honey Benefit

Honey that is organic and good for you

Natural Sugar

Why Choose Us

Quality Raw Honey - Unfiltered and never modified

Order online today. 

100% Natural

Did you know that some store bought honey can be processed and mixed with other ingredients.

Processed here in Chapin South Carolina

Local honey is known to help with allergies common to the area.

Order online and stop by to pick it up.

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