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Local Chapin SC Honey - local honey is better honey!

Classes and Mentoring

The Hive: Beekeeper classes and private mentoring online.

Bees for Sale

Local 5 frame nucs and queens for sale, raised right here in Chapin SC

Getting Started - Beekeeping 101

A-Z Information to get started in beekeeping

Honey Bee & Swarm Removal

For the Irmo, Ballentine, Chapin, SC Area

Bee Keeping Supplies

Beekeeping equipment stock in Chapin. Local pickup means no shipping costs!

Natural Honey

Chapin Honey May "bee" the best honey ever


Why I prefer Wax Dipped Bee Hives

The Benefits of Wax-Dipped Bee Hives What Are Wax-Dipped Bee Hives? Wax-dipped bee hives are a modern twist on traditional wooden hives. They are constructed

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Honey Top Bees
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timothy kirbytimothy kirby
23:04 15 Oct 23
If your looking to get started in beekeeping , Ray is your guy !He is extremely knowledgeable. Ray has been keeping bees all his life. His father and grandfather were beekeepers. He is very patient and a good teacher. I highly recommend attending his classes prior to diving right in. There is alot and I mean alot to know.
Brian JordanBrian Jordan
19:43 14 Oct 23
If you are looking for a mentor for I would highly recommend Ray. He has decades of knowledge and is always willing to answer questions and help when needed. Ray is also very patient. Having Ray as a mentor has helped me learn how to maintain a bee colony stress free instead of trying to figure it out on my own which is one of the top reasons people quit beekeeping.
Tiffany TownsendTiffany Townsend
00:38 11 Oct 23
I bought my first hive from Ray and paid to take his beekeeping course. It’s been amazing to have his help and support as a new beekeeper. If you want to get into beekeeping and are nervous… don’t be! Let him teach you, you’ll fall in love just like I have.
Renee BrooksRenee Brooks
17:28 10 Oct 23
We had a swarm of honey bees that took up residence on on of our picnic tables. I contacted Mr. Hewitt and he told me he would be here within 30 minutes. That was huge since we had a lot of children in this area. He was extremely knowledgeable and told us many interesting things about bees. I would highly recommend.
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