Honey Bee Swarm Removal
Irmo / Chapin SC Area

If we can get the bees out - we will.

Honey Bee Removal

Have a swarm or colony of honey bees where they should not “bee”?  We offer a service to remove the bees and save them.  

If the bees are outside and fully exposed, and within 15 miles then there is no charge.  “Exposed” means a ball of bees hanging outside on a branch or similar structure where we can get them easily.  Over 20 miles there is a mileage charge of $.50/mile.  We do not get bees in trees above 12 feet.  We ask you to send us an image first. 

If the bees are inside of any structure ( walls, soffit, etc), then refer to the link above for rates.   Note we are beekeepers, not contractors.   You will have contractor costs related to repairing walls or structures that were removed in order to remove and save the bees.   See full terms and pricing above.   Min fee is $200.

We offer this in the midlands of SC:   We only remove honey bees, not wasps or hornets.    

In spring, we get of calls about bees foraging in bushes.   This is NOT a swarm.  A swarm will be a ball of bees between a softball and volleyball size in volume (like the image at the top of this page).  Foraging bees will only be there during the day hours, and will leave once the resources in the bush are all expired.  You can just let them finish their work.  🙂 

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