Honey Top Beekeeper Mentoring Club

Personal Attention From Ray to Help Your Beekeeping Journey

You have taken the classes and read a book or two, but want someone to help you for your first years? Want someone on call to help with questions and problems? Do you have questions but there's no one to ask? Maybe you live in an area where there are no other beekeepers or clubs?

Are you looking for someone who can help you decide the best course of action? Have questions but no time to go to clubs and conferences? While all beekeepers lose colonies, together we can reduce the chance of it for you.

The mentoring club seeking to an answer to all of these issues of getting started in beekeeping!
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FAQ - About the Mentoring Club

  • The Honey Top Mentoring Club is an ongoing mentoring program that gives you personal access to Ray to have your questions answered for your first years of beekeeping.
  • Ongoing Support: Ray will personally reply to your emails or texts and often give you additional resources.   I also offer support by Google Meet video chat or Marco Polo App!     Please note, the mentoring program is not intended to replace the essential core bee-keeping courses. 

  • Onsite Visit:  If you are within 20 miles of Chapin SC, it includes 1 visit per year to your bee yard.  Additional on site visits are at a discounted rate of $40 ( Regular Price is $60 for nonmembers), plus $.50/mile over 20 miles. 

  • Free Classes:  Club Members may retake live or online core classes.   (But membership does not include the first time taking the classes).  And ALL elective classes held during your subscription are included for club members. 

  • Quarterly Members Only Updates.   Ray sends out a quarterly video-based update to members to help you to be prepared for the 3 months of beekeeping.  
  • Monthly rate is $20.   The annual rate is $199.  Charges are automatically renewed.   
  • Cancel anytime in your account or email Ray and let us know.   No questions asked. 
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For most beekeepers, it is.   Think of it like this:  If it saves one hive so you don't need to replace your bees next year, it will pay for itself.   Or if it helps you split a hive successfully so you dont have to buy bees next year, it will also pay for itself. 

Yes!  I personally reply to every email, text or video chat with complete answers. 

1-3 years.   Getting through your first winters, swarms seasons, and honey extractions will help you greatly. 

No, absolutely not.   If you are not local, we will have to work more via video and video chat.   The Marco Polo app is best for communicating by video. 

No.   Bees will do what bees will do. 

Swarms, absconding, and weak colonies not surviving are a part of every beekeeper's journey.      

But we can concentrate on things to reduce the likelihood of losing bees.   

But it's never a guarantee.   I wish it were. 

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