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Is Honey Actually Bee Vomit?

The answer is yes, kinda.    Imagine a bustling beehive during the nectar flow.  Forager bees hum home, their “honey stomachs” brimming with nectar, a

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New Beekeepers

How to Install Package Bees

Rays Tips: Bees must be installed in your hive within 1-2 days of pickup. Keep them in a cool, but not cold, place overnight if

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Why I prefer Wax Dipped Bee Hives

The Benefits of Wax-Dipped Bee Hives What Are Wax-Dipped Bee Hives? Wax-dipped bee hives are a modern twist on traditional wooden hives. They are constructed

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traditional beehive houses in harran turkey

History of Ancient Beekeeping

The history of ancient beekeeping dates back thousands of years and can be traced to various civilizations across the world. Here is an overview of

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