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How to Install Package Bees

How to Install Package Bees

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Rays Tips:

  • Bees must be installed in your hive within 1-2 days of pickup.
  • Keep them in a cool, but not cold, place overnight if you plan to install them the next day.
  • Lightly spray them with a mist of water to keep them moist overnight if you are not installing them the same day, unless it is going to be cold.
  • Remember there is a cork covering the candy on the queen cage.   This cork must be removed so that the bees can eat the candy away to release the queen.    If there are 2 corks on your package, ONLY remove the one covering the sugar candy. 
  • Check your bees after 4 days to be sure the queen is released. 
  • When you hang the queen cage, hang it in such a way that the screen is accessible for the bees to interact with the queen.  In other words, do not put the screen side up against the foundation.  
  • You must feed the bees from day 1 until they have drawn out comb or the nectar flow has started.   1:1 Sugar water.

A good video is below, or watch more videos on installing a package of bees

Video on How to install a package of bees

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